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  1. he is robbing people. put all trash at his shop & advertise here fresh updates. we send him money but we dont make any thing. when we talk to support he always talk rubish. he behaves like we are asking him for free dumps. all money we gona lose with this fucking ripper
  2. tried some pcs from his fresh update. all bad. all trash dumps Добавлено через 2 минуты 4 секунды Originally Posted by enphasis fake fb, he only sell trash, bought dump from fresh base today and was trash and on his cecker was live like always, ppl stay away from this shop he sell only shitttt and we only lose money , this is a real fb I agree with u bro, same with me.. chker showing live but actualy all were dead.
  3. shit dumps, reviews fake, tried bins that always hit good 0 worked
  4. Добавлено через 1 минуту 49 секунд Originally Posted by cloakndagger You fucking ripper you telling people that his shop is good. How the hell you going to tell someone who lost 400 he has to keep buying because "the banks are buying to flag bases" how the hell you know this for sure, you LE? KrebsOnSecurity mind your business you fucking ripper clone now you are the authority on this guys shop. you stupid clowns think everyone is lying why would people spend 400 to complain if they make money. KrebsOnSecurity shut the hell up. Ripper I agree with u completely. its fucking ripper shop. nothing work but this fucking ripper never ready to hear. he only like when we send him money. he put all garbage at fucking shit shop. he knows it very well that all garbage there. all old old old shit dumps. bad dumps , bad services. big fucking ripper shop