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    1 ноября
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  1. Bonjour Dexters !! -:-Fresh USA Daily Demand Base ADDED 95-99% VALID RATE -:- NO Replacement Good Luck & Happy Carding By Team JVCC Добавлено через 2 минуты 1 секунду Originally Posted by edyedyi man RedruMZ if the CC it's dead you have automatic refud? Yes But Read News Some Bases Have No Replacement & Some Have Replacement Добавлено через 35 секунд Originally Posted by SersMeurs Your site isn't loading correctly for me on TAILS' browser even with JS enabled. I can see the top and left bars perfectly, but the mainframe always remains blank, no matter what links I click in the bars. You Should Use Other VPN or Change Browser
  2. Nice store, but it takes a long time for me to load the CC area, including making a new search or just changing the page. I'm on TAILS' browser.
  3. I'm just a random joe, but I have to say, sites that require me to make a deposit before searching CCs are a no-go. I'm not putting money into something if I can't see the quality of the very thing I'm looking. I can say for sure that you're losing customers this way. Also you probably know about this already, but searching for Good or Poor Paypal accounts returns no results and I don't know if it's because these categories have no accounts or not. Also the link to Lookups is broken.