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  1. W2 2016 sell

    OK waiting to see. If you do I will let the community know
  2. W2 2016 sell

    this Guy is a RIPPER !!! he will steal your money . I REPEAT HE IS A RIPPER DO NOT BUY !!! Добавлено через 1 минуту 36 секунд He's reselling all his info so nothing is fresh. you will lose money buying from him
  3. This guy is a RIPPER he sells W2s that's already been used and he no not want to refund or replace the material here is the conversation (2/16/2017 8:01:08 AM) tax2017@jabbim.com: yo (11:56:21 AM) Attempting to start a private conversation with tax2017@jabbim.com... [image] (11:56:22 AM) Unverified conversation with tax2017@jabbim.com/Psi+ started. Your client is not logging this conversation. (11:56:25 AM) itsmines20@jabber.se/jabber.se: hi (11:56:42 AM) itsmines20@jabber.se/jabber.se: im ready (11:56:51 AM) tax2017@jabbim.com: hi (11:56:59 AM) tax2017@jabbim.com: 10 per 10? (11:57:18 AM) itsmines20@jabber.se/jabber.se: yeah I want $300 worth (11:57:28 AM) itsmines20@jabber.se/jabber.se: so thats 30 correct (11:57:43 AM) tax2017@jabbim.com: ok (11:57:44 AM) tax2017@jabbim.com: 12ZyV1BfABKq7ePw8f7nz6Rxhrab6vcjPT (11:57:55 AM) tax2017@jabbim.com: 20k+ line 1 right? (11:58:15 AM) itsmines20@jabber.se/jabber.se: yes (11:59:01 AM) tax2017@jabbim.com: ok (11:59:04 AM) tax2017@jabbim.com: sent? (11:59:21 AM) itsmines20@jabber.se/jabber.se: not yet about to now (11:59:37 AM) tax2017@jabbim.com: ok (11:59:39 AM) tax2017@jabbim.com: and (11:59:43 AM) tax2017@jabbim.com: i give u present (11:59:47 AM) tax2017@jabbim.com: 10 1040 full data (11:59:59 AM) itsmines20@jabber.se/jabber.se: thanks bro (12:06:15 PM) itsmines20@jabber.se/jabber.se: just sent (12:06:51 PM) tax2017@jabbim.com: hold i check (12:07:04 PM) itsmines20@jabber.se/jabber.se: k (12:08:58 PM) tax2017@jabbim.com: u sent from blockchain? (12:09:32 PM) itsmines20@jabber.se/jabber.se: from local its probalply going to take 5 mins to show up (12:09:39 PM) tax2017@jabbim.com: ok (12:10:07 PM) tax2017@jabbim.com: when show i send folder (12:10:25 PM) itsmines20@jabber.se/jabber.se: ok (12:11:11 PM) tax2017@jabbim.com: do u prefer (12:11:13 PM) tax2017@jabbim.com: w2 (12:11:18 PM) tax2017@jabbim.com: or 1040 also file? (12:13:12 PM) itsmines20@jabber.se/jabber.se: do the 1040 come with the w2 ? (12:16:10 PM) tax2017@jabbim.com: yes (12:16:44 PM) itsmines20@jabber.se/jabber.se: I know if its 2016 with the 1040 the person might already filed (12:20:40 PM) itsmines20@jabber.se/jabber.se: did you see the payment ? (12:21:16 PM) tax2017@jabbim.com: yes (12:21:32 PM) itsmines20@jabber.se/jabber.se: ok (12:21:36 PM) tax2017@jabbim.com: making folder (12:21:40 PM) itsmines20@jabber.se/jabber.se: ok (12:43:17 PM) tax2017@jabbim.com: yo (12:43:19 PM) tax2017@jabbim.com: here? (12:43:20 PM) tax2017@jabbim.com: https://www.sendspace.com/file/m8h9ao (12:43:26 PM) tax2017@jabbim.com: https://www.sendspace.com/delete/m8h...47b685f3041e55 (12:43:30 PM) itsmines20@jabber.se/jabber.se: ok (12:44:53 PM) tax2017@jabbim.com: +????? (12:44:56 PM) tax2017@jabbim.com: bonus (12:45:09 PM) tax2017@jabbim.com: there are long list take from it 20k+ (12:45:31 PM) itsmines20@jabber.se/jabber.se: ok looking now (12:53:41 PM) itsmines20@jabber.se/jabber.se: thanks alot will be buyin more in bulk in a few days (12:54:13 PM) tax2017@jabbim.com: ok bro (12:54:21 PM) tax2017@jabbim.com: u are welcome (12:54:30 PM) itsmines20@jabber.se/jabber.se: ttyl (1:14:17 PM) itsmines20@jabber.se/jabber.se: on the new buyer + bonus I cant view the files pdf (1:14:57 PM) tax2017@jabbim.com: open rar bro (1:15:01 PM) tax2017@jabbim.com: it is zip (1:16:26 PM) itsmines20@jabber.se/jabber.se: thats what I did I can view the other pdf on the other folder but that particular folder pdf it says something is damage (1:17:10 PM) tax2017@jabbim.com: emm (1:17:13 PM) tax2017@jabbim.com: hold i rezip (1:17:25 PM) itsmines20@jabber.se/jabber.se: its the macosx new buye folder (1:18:50 PM) tax2017@jabbim.com: yes (1:19:48 PM) itsmines20@jabber.se/jabber.se: the regular new buyer + bonus is fine but the macosx I cant view it (1:19:53 PM) tax2017@jabbim.com: https://www.sendspace.com/file/lpnh7r (1:19:59 PM) tax2017@jabbim.com: https://www.sendspace.com/delete/lpn...a415664c9133f7 (1:20:08 PM) tax2017@jabbim.com: made zip in other soft (1:22:04 PM) itsmines20@jabber.se/jabber.se: that folder is fne you sent me another folder the macosx (1:22:28 PM) tax2017@jabbim.com: it is empty (1:22:37 PM) tax2017@jabbim.com: mac os create new folder when rar (1:23:11 PM) itsmines20@jabber.se/jabber.se: ok that probably what it is (1:23:21 PM) tax2017@jabbim.com: yep (1:23:36 PM) itsmines20@jabber.se/jabber.se: thanks (2:23:22 PM) itsmines20@jabber.se/jabber.se: hi (2:23:36 PM) itsmines20@jabber.se/jabber.se: the info you sold me is already used (2:26:45 PM) itsmines20@jabber.se/jabber.se: I went through the first couple of ones and I can see that they already been used (2:27:41 PM) itsmines20@jabber.se/jabber.se: can you replace them please (2:32:38 PM) itsmines20@jabber.se/jabber.se: I can see you sold this info before because someone already got the agi before me (2:34:38 PM) itsmines20@jabber.se/jabber.se: so now your ignoring me (2:34:39 PM) tax2017@jabbim.com: ok hold (2:34:41 PM) tax2017@jabbim.com: nope (2:58:28 PM) itsmines20@jabber.se/jabber.se: did you check ? (3:05:35 PM) itsmines20@jabber.se/jabber.se: bro all the data u sold me have already been used so can I have a replacement or refund (3:09:26 PM) tax2017@jabbim.com: yes (3:09:28 PM) tax2017@jabbim.com: hold (4:35:39 PM) itsmines20@jabber.se/jabber.se: holdfor how long