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    17 июня
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    yeah i tried my sure bin and doesn't work out i think is fake not legit selle
  2. bro i wrote a ticket in store for refund for holdcall dumps since 4 days now and u never reply , the china dump is expensive and when used it brought out hold call u have to refund this dumps cos it's bad and if u want maintain a good reputation u must refund bad dumps don't just ignore my tickets USERNAME IN STORE: SDD01 TICKET ID: TICKET #1929 Refund request for: ORDER #8731: 4870131370063317 12.10.16 12:14 SDD01 USER I bought this and when I used in shop it's hold Call why? This is dangerous !! don't like using flagged dumps plink Refund fully
  3. has been down since 3days , is there a new url for the shop? or tor link?