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  1. можем нелик попересылать
  2. чек баланса юса банк ак-ов

    Куплю ресурс или метод для чека баланса юса банк ак-ов разных банков по логин/паролю (без секреток) пм
  3. has anyone use dumps with pins and was successfully?
  4. Hello, you have good approach to business, keep the good work
  5. alaba, Hi yesterday bought 5 pcs 3 of them have been approved with an excellent profit.
  6. One of the best shop here. Negative feedbacks left bots other shops. It is clear as day. )) 2tracks --- A+++ !
  7. Originally Posted by jyli fucking fake feedback , guys can you explain what this forums is ???? just bought 5pcs all was dead and got refunded only 2pcs cause other one was declined 05 and he dont refund it man i miss the old game I took 5pcs too and 2 hit for 200, but 2pcs was refunded by the rules. In this case good results, but better know stuff what u take.