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    21 октября
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  1. Originally Posted by trenbolonepapi Worst shop ever. Dont Lose your money on this shit! 90% dead cards, fucked up checker that shows them as live. Found same cards they have in fe and other shit shops too,so they sell that shit in many shops to many ppl lmao Low quality shit shop I dont know what you talking about dude. This site good. It was rough for me for a few weeks but prior to and now my bins been going crazy. I just had 2 pcs that stayed on for a month each.
  2. I been getting a few pick up card declines lately... Ive been with unicc for a few years. I used to literally get all valids. The worst would be 12 out of 15 valids. But recently ive been getting like 3 to 5 out of 10. I wonder if my bin is getting burnt out?
  3. can someone help me out? Im new to dumps/slides...i have bins i use for punches, just wanna know best method when using dumps. Should I stay instate, should I only use track 2, should i go up top or hit em low, etc??? My bins for cvv work all day if i do 700 and less. Would these same bins do the same for dumps? Plz help, thanks