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    1 августа
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  1. Good dumps. I found bin which searched for a long time
  2. Customer service at the level! a+++ and not bad refund policy. perhaps i'll continue to work with u
  3. Still hit bro ! A+++ The best ETERNAL SHINING base for the last week
  4. bought 10 pcs worked only 6 really is not bad but you can make refund for me?
  5. Nice shoot with his NY mix pack can't complain good service very understandable support!
  6. Mate, today i took 201 eu from flash_3 that were better then form part 4, but bins is different, so can u tell me pls which one will better work in my area from last part? Send ticket in shop pls.
  7. took 5pcs was good but low ballance