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    6 марта
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  1. Please give invite codes. We still have to pay $50 anyway, no point in making the invite code scarce again. Or make it readily attainable on the registration page please. Send me an invite code via PM please. If you paste it here, it will get used before i can get to it like the last time. Thanks
  2. Originally Posted by fullzstore Free registration codes: user-aMo0-WCOGDs0L user-c2zj-fDYGy9zx Добавлено через 1 минуту 44 секунды Thank you! We are glad you like it! Wow people used those 2 codes FAST! Jeez!
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    NICKNAME: redspider [] link to profile: I sent funds to my account on the shop (I EVEN PAID $30 for BTC transaction fee just so I can get the funds added quickly to the shop.) WITHIN 30 MINUTES I got 6 confirmations. SHOP has refused to add my funds. Its now 3 days and BTC has OVER 100 CONFIRMATION on blockchain...yet no funds in my account. BLOCKCHAIN: (You can see the number of confirmations) I sent exact BTC amount shop told me to send. I sent amount to the correct address shop gave me. see image here: I made this thread because I left two messages for support. MY messages got deleted with no explanation! This is how I know they are a bullshit scammer shop now.