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  1. Originally Posted by toronegro Where are you now @ new address is bruh. NY is litttttt!!!
  2. trdb is not dead brothers! we will see him very soon i am sure, if he's not already running other shop...LOL! trdb show them you're not dead bruh!
  3. gr3p stuff works fine for UK players. anyone here living in UK? i have good business.
  4. That's true mate. World breach works in UK very well if you know what you doing and know your bins it worths to try.
  5. Приветствую! Прошу объяснить чтокак и вписать в тему! заранее Спасибо!!!ЛС
  6. INDIA and WORLD base is hot here all works in UK if you find your bins>>>>you make real money. is the best shop for me, i recommend for all ! A+++++