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    13 сентября
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  1. Do you sell 201 dumps as well? there arent many 101 dumps available, i would imagine.
  2. any upcoming update in the near future?
  3. in the world of ILLEGITIMATE business this is the most LEGITIMATE vendor you will ever come across.. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK.
  4. $150 to register and is not added to account balance? Anyone vouch for this shop? Is it worth it?
  5. Originally Posted by bobo94 eViLgEnIuS, yo bro i need canada cvv with dob, can you get? Register or Look in our shop , we update there all we have . Currently we have CANADA FULLZ , but no CC. All accurate info. Thank you.
  6. Originally Posted by siccone I purchased several dumps from your shop. The checker gets error and I have to ask for manual refund. You refuse to provide refund because you say i have been refunded too many times. Well if your checker worked or even if you dumps worked I would not be asking for a manual refund. SHOP IS TRASH.. PURE GARBAGE and CHECKER CANT CHECK AND DUMPS DONT WORK!! REFUSES TO REFUND BECAUSE TOO MANY REFUNDS HAVE BEEN ISSUED... EVEN THOUGH CHECKER PROVIDES AUTOMATIC REFUNDS What is your username ? If you are one OF 4 people BANNED - cause by magic only you guys , checker never works. All others users checker working fine all the time .... I am waiting your username.