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  1. i have been messaging you on jabber but you dont reply me
  2. this guy sold dead log to me........ the bank website was having problem when he sent me the login when i check back few hours back the login he sold to me was dead CONVO IS BELOW PLS (11:07:41 AM) there? (11:07:56 AM) yes (11:08:06 AM) how are you today? (11:08:19 AM) lets deal (11:08:42 AM) am waiting for my BTc will get an acc soon (11:08:47 AM) do you have PNC? (11:09:19 AM) Hey dont sent me messege like I waintin btc (11:09:34 AM) Come from me when you have monye (11:09:36 AM) ok? (11:09:44 AM) sorry bro (11:10:07 AM) do you have PNC account? (11:10:12 AM) yes (12:30:46 PM) there (12:30:49 PM) ?? (12:30:54 PM) need PNC 3k balance (12:32:51 PM) am ready bro (12:32:53 PM) ?? (12:32:56 PM) helloo (12:34:07 PM) yes have (12:34:26 PM) what balance you need? (12:34:32 PM) 3k balance in checking (12:35:19 PM) its been 3*40=120$ (12:35:37 PM) i dont understand (12:35:41 PM) i need 1 now (12:35:51 PM) Aaa. ok (12:36:18 PM) ?? (12:36:52 PM) 1cqfQFZQSd7vzWPwxZqGC92P9d9eCext1 40$ (12:37:10 PM) how much is 5k balance? (12:37:23 PM) 50$ (12:38:01 PM) sent (12:38:10 PM) 40$ (12:38:30 PM) "ip" : "" userId=3162009s password=6506896s mothers middle name ? city father born ? What was the name of your High School? answer1=eastern answer2=kokomo answer3=jackson Checking XXXXXX0969 $2,978.49 Account Number: 4622920969 Routing Number: 071921891 -------------------------------- (12:39:29 PM) (12:39:33 PM) is not logining (12:40:09 PM) helloo (12:41:15 PM) you there? (12:41:32 PM) Unable to buzz, because does not support it or does not wish to receive buzzes now. (12:41:57 PM) brooo (12:42:24 PM) helloo (12:42:51 PM) bro the acc you sendme is dead (12:42:57 PM) Stop (12:42:58 PM) Panic (12:43:03 PM) I searh (12:43:15 PM) ok (12:45:52 PM) brother Pnc is not working now (12:45:58 PM) Site pnc (12:46:14 PM) Log in for few hours (12:46:30 PM) i login but it saysd error bro (12:46:47 PM) you mean after few hours i should try to login ? (12:47:03 PM) Yes (12:47:21 PM) but the error is bring is bad login (12:47:32 PM) their website is working here (12:50:09 PM) ok i will wirte you in few hours (12:50:16 PM) Ok (12:52:55 PM) do you know anyone who sell good cc pls? (7:14:59 PM) you therE? (7:15:24 PM) helloo (7:15:28 PM) (7:15:44 PM) replace or refund (7:15:48 PM) the acc is not good (7:17:33 PM) helloo (7:24:09 PM) Unable to buzz, because does not support it or does not wish to receive buzzes now. (7:24:12 PM) bro (7:24:17 PM) you there? (7:24:36 PM) chat with me the log you sold to me is shit (7:32:30 PM) seems i will blacklist you then Добавлено через 12 минут 39 секунд profile
  3. Login Bank Germany

    can you get NL logs
  4. @minkenry waiting for admin to blacklist him thanks
  5. this guy claim he sell Botnet logs and i sent him list of logs and paid him 50$ BTC i need...... but i have not heard anything from him since yesterday.... please Blacklist this mother fucker hungry man all jabber convo will be posted below (12:51:53 PM) hi (12:51:56 PM) you there (12:52:04 PM) this mat57 from crd (12:53:38 PM) ??? (12:53:44 PM) hi (12:53:47 PM) I see you (12:53:52 PM) what are you want ? (12:53:59 PM) what year is your botnet logs? (12:54:36 PM) 2016-2017 (12:54:57 PM) cali IDAHO FL IL WV CA (12:55:04 PM) needed any of those logs (12:55:38 PM) price ? (12:56:04 PM) tell me (12:56:39 PM) I work on links from 50 dollars. If there are any, say it. (1:01:14 PM) ? (1:02:02 PM) is too high man (1:02:13 PM) 20$ is wach price per log (1:03:05 PM) $ 50 is not for the link, but the total order) What additional information is needed from the account? (1:04:13 PM) just online acce and asec question and answer (1:04:23 PM) if possible mail access (1:04:38 PM) Ok i watch, if i find - i write you. (1:06:40 PM) (1:06:45 PM) add those to it (1:06:51 PM) ok (3:04:16 PM) how long will it take you to get them? (3:04:54 PM) 2-3 hours (5:45:43 PM) ?? (7:54:41 PM) so wassup? (3/27/2017 8:06:01 PM) hi man, i am there wait 5 minute i give you info (3/27/2017 8:10:38 PM) + + + + other - no (9:16:53 PM) ? (9:16:56 PM) starone (9:16:58 PM) how many ? (9:17:13 PM) wait 2 minute (9:24:00 PM) 8 (9:25:09 PM) let me check one for test (9:25:32 PM) no - write garant (9:25:42 PM) and i give you account (9:25:54 PM) what do you mean garant? (9:26:21 PM) escrow (9:26:35 PM) ok how much should i send you for 1 acc (9:26:42 PM) and see if you are real (9:26:49 PM) i have been ripped so many times (9:27:53 PM) I do not take money ahead. I work with the guarantor. And for amounts of $ 50 (I wrote to you in the afternoon). Write to the guarantor, as he will say that you transferred $ 60 to him, I will give you 3 accounts. (9:28:05 PM) rat - is bad (9:28:15 PM) dont send money forward (9:28:21 PM) but i dont have time for that now (9:28:26 PM) if you dont wanna be stolen (9:28:30 PM) i can send you 20$ (9:28:39 PM) without guarantor (9:28:49 PM) all i want is a real man (9:28:53 PM) Then write as there will be time. Link is rare, it is not immediately sold out. (9:29:24 PM) send me your BTC let em send u 20$ now (9:30:13 PM) No thx. I work from 50 dollars , and all time use escrow. What I advise you to do. (9:30:27 PM) When you have time on escrow - write me. (9:30:36 PM) which forum escrow? (9:31:37 PM) crd exploit darkmoney any forum which have reputation (9:34:12 PM) you know CRD mod? (9:34:35 PM) no i dont know admin (9:36:57 PM) i have messaged MAK in crd (9:37:22 PM) Ok (9:37:47 PM) hope he reply my message (9:38:07 PM) but bro i just wanted to send you 20$ just to get 1 log to know you are real (9:38:10 PM) reall need it (9:38:21 PM) How to deal with the deal - let me know. (9:39:03 PM) do you accept to send you 20$ now (9:39:44 PM) No thx. I work from 50 and use escrow. If you all time send money forward - you all time be stolen. (9:43:25 PM) ok let the mod message me back (10:03:50 PM) there? (10:04:18 PM) + but busy , mak write you ? (10:04:37 PM) do you know (10:04:44 PM) i have the ADMIN with me (10:05:02 PM) Mak has not reply yet (10:05:08 PM) i dont know this forum (10:05:10 PM) i konw (10:05:16 PM) know darknet (10:05:18 PM) (10:05:23 PM) (10:05:27 PM) (10:05:29 PM) shit Добавлено через 1 минуту 31 секунду (2:56:30 PM) bro admin is not reply my message (2:56:54 PM) No problem bro, wait when reply for you. (3:06:35 PM) bro can we use admin (3:13:38 PM) bro can we use admin (3:13:51 PM) [28.03.2017 17:06:33] <> bro can we use admin [28.03.2017 17:07:03] <behmireserv> i dont know this forum - sorry bro. Wait admin crd. Dont worry - be happy. [28.03.2017 17:08:25] <behmireserv> Do not rush. [28.03.2017 17:13:35] <> bro can we use admin (3:14:05 PM) ok (8:55:36 PM) there? (8:55:43 PM) (8:55:55 PM) reply to the thread there (8:56:31 PM) Its auto garant ? (8:56:39 PM) where mak ? (8:56:53 PM) mak not online (8:57:07 PM) is auto garant but talk to ABC (8:57:17 PM) i want to know how to deposit ther (8:57:31 PM) its bad idea - write mak in jabber (8:57:37 PM) he write me i give logs (8:57:47 PM) edo you have his jabber? (8:57:57 PM) look in him profile (9:22:48 PM) bro if i send you 50$ and deal direct with you (9:22:54 PM) is that okay ? (9:23:17 PM) cos i dont know why he is not responding (9:23:24 PM) i really need logs (9:23:49 PM) As you like. Just tell me which link is needed? Of those that are. (9:24:24 PM) Since you need logs so much, and you steal money all the time, why do not you launch your botnet? (9:24:45 PM) i dont know how to run a botnet bro (9:24:53 PM) Really ? (9:24:57 PM) if i send you 50$ how many logs will i get? (9:25:03 PM) omg its easy and fast ) (9:25:15 PM) you say 1 logins - 20 $ (9:25:55 PM) and 50 $ - 2,5 logins (9:26:14 PM) i dont understand bro (9:26:50 PM) 2 maybe 3 logins (9:27:11 PM) and setup botnet and stop loss money man (9:27:13 PM) look test (9:27:14 PM) (9:27:19 PM) pirat pirates (9:27:38 PM) Set yourself this, and work quietly) (9:28:06 PM) For $ 50 I'll give you 2 can have three accounts. You said one account - $ 20 (9:28:49 PM) ok wait please give me few minute (9:30:33 PM) No problem man ) and look admin panel from bot (9:30:51 PM) its fkn public but good public - install - and do money ) (9:34:22 PM) bro if log is bad you replace? (9:34:49 PM) + (9:35:05 PM) (9:35:08 PM) need that (9:36:15 PM) Ok, as you're ready, warn me for about 20 minutes so I checked and put it to you. (9:36:43 PM) check it now am getting BTC now (9:37:29 PM) I have an order now. I will finish in 15-20 minutes. Then I can start to check for you. (9:37:40 PM) ok (9:37:53 PM) am waiting (9:38:09 PM) If you need to leave, you can send money, I'll finish, and I'll send you off-line. Or tomorrow you will buy. (9:38:12 PM) Ok (9:39:07 PM) While you can see and evaluate the admin panel. And if there is hosting - I can install you at night such a botnet. (9:39:36 PM) bro all i need is logs for now maybe later i can get that (9:39:45 PM) send me your BTC add (9:40:01 PM) if you are real i can send 1000$ to you every week (9:40:29 PM) See, I often hear this) (9:40:43 PM) 1CTSSeQuPbdqadnpV5UNXcrALtaGZHd1HY (9:46:14 PM) just waiting for BTC confirmation pls (9:47:24 PM) I'm not in a hurry to take a breeze and work for more than a day. How to send - let me know. (10:10:16 PM) When you send - write me. I go smoke. (10:12:31 PM) there? (10:12:41 PM) yes (10:12:45 PM) but i go smoke (10:12:56 PM) you sort it out? (10:13:03 PM) resend me your btc (10:13:09 PM) 1CTSSeQuPbdqadnpV5UNXcrALtaGZHd1HY (10:14:07 PM) sent (10:14:23 PM) there? (10:14:59 PM) hello (10:15:37 PM) Unable to buzz, because does not support it or does not wish to receive buzzes now. (10:15:42 PM) you there? (10:15:58 PM) Yep i tell you (10:16:01 PM) i go smoke man (10:16:05 PM) dont panic pls (10:16:22 PM) check bro i have sent you (10:16:24 PM) 50$ (10:16:48 PM) give me link blockchain (10:17:49 PM) check wallet bro i sent you (10:18:12 PM) o (10:18:15 PM) now i see (10:18:29 PM) (10:18:30 PM) (10:19:14 PM) so please am waiting (10:20:06 PM) Ok, 2 transactions. Just finish the business and start your accounts to check. (10:20:30 PM) (10:20:49 PM) i know ) (10:20:50 PM) but you said you have check yesterday (10:20:55 PM) you have 8 acc (10:21:04 PM) i check in admin panel (10:21:07 PM) but i dont save (10:21:10 PM) ok (10:21:22 PM) I save all time when i (or escrow) take money (10:21:39 PM) ok bro (10:21:44 PM) how long will it take? (10:21:47 PM) if this problem i may do moneyback - ez (10:21:52 PM) to check (10:22:48 PM) Now I'll finish the deal, and I'll take care of yours. If you're in a hurry, I can send you money back without problems, I'll check it out, tomorrow you'll transfer it and I'll send it straight away. (10:23:13 PM) lol no problem (10:23:16 PM) am waiting here (10:23:28 PM) just want to know how long will it take (10:23:28 PM) Ok. I am there too. (10:24:44 PM) I have an order now, aol + orange. A lot of accounts. As soon as I finish, I'll let you know at once. If you suddenly lose contact, I'll post you on the forum in private messages. I never hurried to leave, I think you noticed. (10:25:08 PM) And I never say the exact time to always keep my word. (10:26:00 PM) ok bro (10:26:12 PM) you have canada logs too? (10:27:20 PM) + (10:27:27 PM) canada better usa (10:27:34 PM) oh really (10:27:38 PM) bank nice transfer ) (10:27:40 PM) why you say so? (10:27:52 PM) many people buy canada bank (10:27:57 PM) and send money (10:28:00 PM) 2-4 k (10:28:03 PM) ok (10:28:11 PM) and links not rarity (10:50:29 PM) bro i will be back later or tomorrow (10:50:48 PM) so hope you will have got the logs by then (10:50:51 PM) Ok bro - no problem, i am there. (10:51:11 PM) + (10:51:16 PM) ok (9:09:00 AM) hi man, when you stay online - write me (9:28:05 AM) am here now (9:29:14 AM) helloo (9:31:35 AM) hello i see. i write you. wtf with your bitcoin ? look - , you use double-spending ? (9:32:45 AM) what do you mean by double spending (9:33:02 AM) i did not sed anything double (9:33:14 AM) you confirmed you saw the Payment (9:33:20 AM) so what up ? (9:33:28 AM) yes i see transaction (9:33:35 AM) but i not have 2 confirm (9:33:45 AM) and money not on my balance (9:33:50 AM) lol (9:33:57 AM) (9:34:00 AM) You see ? (9:34:04 AM) that is impossible man (9:34:09 AM) i dont understand russian (9:34:34 AM) you want team viewer ? i see transaction - but you money not have confirm and dont go my balance (9:35:06 AM) (9:35:31 AM) give me track pls (9:35:31 AM) that is 6 confirmation man (9:35:33 AM) (9:35:37 AM) as you can see (9:36:33 AM) (9:36:42 AM) (9:37:34 AM) so what now? (9:37:42 AM) (9:37:54 AM) (9:38:45 AM) i dont have money you understand ? I see only fkn transaction. If you want - write black i give team viewer for arbitr and he see - i dont have money (but i see transaction) (9:39:58 AM) Look (9:39:59 AM) (9:40:02 AM) 58 confirms (9:40:04 AM) (9:40:09 AM) 58 CONFIRMS (9:40:14 AM) that is 58confirmation (9:40:21 AM) Yes (9:40:27 AM) but money not my balance (9:40:39 AM) lol that is not from my own side (9:40:39 AM) (9:40:46 AM) And not my (9:40:47 AM) you are responsible for that (9:40:55 AM) all people send and i take (9:41:08 AM) no no no (9:41:09 AM) man (9:41:11 AM) its bitcoin (9:41:13 AM) so get me my logs (9:41:16 AM) not bank and webmoney (9:41:19 AM) no (9:41:23 AM) write black (9:41:25 AM) i show you confirmation here (9:41:27 AM) i give you money (9:41:39 AM) and all is clear (9:41:46 AM) i give you logs when money stand on my balance (9:41:48 AM) what do you mean i should write black? (9:42:17 AM) YOU ARE STUPID ??????? i tell you - i see transaction - but you money dont stand on ,y bitcoin balance - why ? (9:42:40 AM) then whose fault is it (9:43:10 AM) How do I know ? (9:43:25 AM) you are using (9:43:27 AM) isnt it ? (9:43:27 AM) (9:43:40 AM) look more transaction - all good / (9:44:12 AM) I use the multibit wallet (9:44:26 AM) (9:45:12 AM) so what should we do now (9:45:13 AM) ? (9:46:16 AM) ?? (9:47:00 AM) Write the black. The arbitrator will check with me all that I have not received any money. And there already decides what we will do. Either give you the logs, or wait for what will happen with the money. (9:48:13 AM) who is arbitrator (9:48:55 AM) I don `t know, there are several of them, write a black paper, throw off me a link to it. (9:49:37 AM) you mean blacklist? (9:50:03 AM) yes (9:50:20 AM) (9:51:18 AM) i ask chat (9:51:19 AM) why should i blacklist you ? (9:51:20 AM) on crd (9:51:58 AM) but bro i cant lie i dont send you money (9:52:03 AM) i show u all proof (9:52:11 AM) you will see the money in your acc (9:52:11 AM) Because if there are conflict situations - write black. I did not throw, but you say sent money - it means you have to figure it out. (9:52:32 AM) you will see the money in your acc - i dont see on acc - i see transaction (9:52:37 AM) i sent the money from my acc (9:52:54 AM) no money i my acc it has been debited (9:53:36 AM) Wait man - The chat advised to reset the wallet. (9:53:53 AM) (9:54:03 AM) how should i reset it (9:57:12 AM) this is really wierd (10:02:52 AM) i do reboot (10:03:00 AM) Hopefully help (10:03:25 AM) (10:04:40 AM) whats this? (10:04:50 AM) reboot my wallet (10:05:09 AM) you still not see it in balance? (10:06:08 AM) I'm now restarting the wallet, I'll finish it, I hope I'll see, and I'll understand that the problem was with me (although it's always OK) (10:06:30 AM) ok bro (10:06:43 AM) but you know BTC is irreversible (10:06:46 AM) once is sent (10:06:50 AM) it cant be reverse (10:07:03 AM) no - google - double send (10:07:19 AM) That's why I asked you. (10:08:10 AM) ok (10:31:13 AM) so now see this (10:31:20 AM) (10:31:26 AM) you there? (10:34:23 AM) Unable to buzz, because does not support it or does not wish to receive buzzes now. (10:34:33 AM) helloo (10:36:52 AM) Unable to buzz, because does not support it or does not wish to receive buzzes now.